Since dance is very broad and general I’d like to talk about certain style in detail. Although our team is very choreography based, we use certain styles as inspiration. We use styles such as Popping, Locking, Waaking and House dancing. Popping originated in Los Angeles around the 1960’s. The idea of it is to tense and flex your muscles to hit certain beats of a song. The purpose of it is to look robotic but smooth at the same time. On our team we have about 3 main poppers who have amazing muscle control that they’re able to choreograph to songs wherein they hit every bass, every little tick or even a snare. Unfortunately I’m still in the process of trying to train to pop. Locking, similar to popping is all about muscle control. Several key moves with locking are to wave your wrists and to “lock” it into a different position. Also, the style is very groovy many dancers use songs by James Brown or any other funky song.This style is still widely popular at dance competitions because to be able to come up with a good piece to locking is very difficult and teams strive to be more versatile for the judges.


 Popping and Locking